Bar-K Dog Park

Bar-K Dog Park is a two acre, professionally maintained and fully staffed dog park that includes a coffee shop, restaurant, a full-service bar inside, an outdoor bar, beer garden and outdoor stage for concerts and other events. The park features a supervised off-leash outdoor play area that includes a jungle gym, a splash pool with cabana style seating for dogs, a rock-climbing area and protected seating for dow owners. The park also features sectioned spaces for small dogs and puppies. The main building also includes a large patio, an outdoor deck, and private event spaces.


What We Did

Taliaferro & Browne (T&B) provided the topographic survey for the site, prepared numerous easements and other legal descriptions and prepared final site plans, which included extensive grading, landscape architecture, new parking and access to the site, utility service connections, and a new public sanitary sewer.


Bear Bishop, LLC


Completion Date





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